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Incident Management
January 24, 2023

🔀 'Updates' to be renamed to 'Logs'

We made a system wide change to the label of the 'Updates' menu across the Incident Management web app and mobile apps.

We have reports from users that the 'Updates' module is causing confusion as they're looking for the 'Log'. We then confuse it more with the 'Log' being found inside 'Updates'. Also, the updates tab 'All' isn't clear that it contains the audit trail.

The changes you'll automatically see:

  1. 'Updates' will be renamed 'Logs'
  2. 'All' will be renamed 'Audit'

Everything is still in the same place, and many users won't notice the difference. We will update knowledge base documentation once the feature has been released.

Old Interface

Image #1

New Interface

Image #2

The menu is plural 'Logs' as we expect in the future to support multiple 'Log' tabs in the 'Logs' section, allowing you to quickly jump between filters. e.g. between your Role Action Log and the Main Log in seperate tabs.

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